We offer Sunday School classes for all ages at 10:00 a.m. each week.  In our Sunday School Classes at Fundamental, we use Joyful Life by Abeka Curriculum. We use the King James Version Bible as our text.


Mrs. Debbie Rader (Debbie has been our faithful preschool teacher for many years now. She seldom misses a class because the little ones don’t know what to do without her. Debbie sings songs with the children, teaches them a story and creates a structured learning environment which gives even the smallest child the confidence he or she needs to attend a class at an early age. Debbie has a crayon box for each child and they color a picture every Sunday that applies to the lesson she teaches. She also awards the kids with stickers on their chart for bringing their Bible and attendance. Debbie has two helpers in her class, Brittany and Bridgette Hutchinson. They are very faithful, also, and the kids love them. Debbie frequently has large numbers in her classroom because our church is young and growing. Your child is sure to make friends quickly and enjoy this class!)


Mrs. Loretta Ward (Loretta is a wonderful Sunday School teacher. She spends many hours preparing her lesson for the children each week. They love her and they enjoy her class. On any given Sunday, you can peek through the glass window and see that the kids are singing, coloring, or cutting out their lesson. She is continually reinforcing her lesson throughout the class period. Mrs. Ward awards each of the children with stickers for attendance and Bible and usually a little treat for behavior. Your child would be sure to love Mrs. Ward’s class too!)

1st and 2nd Grade

Ms. Brianna Hutchinson (Brianna does a fabulous job with her class of 1st Graders. She is very consistent and always has a great lesson planned for the kids. She teaches detailed Bible stories and sings fun Bible songs with the children. They learn a lot in Brianna’s class and love having her as their teacher. Your first grader would fit into this smaller class, be very comfortable, and enjoy the morning with Ms. Hutchinson and her students!)

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Girls

Ms. Brittany Hutchinson (Brittany is a perfect fit for this group of young girls. She teaches them detailed and exciting  Bible stories and the girls in this class truly enjoy her. She engages the girls in Bible truth while continually teaching Christ likeness. Your child is sure to enjoy this lovely, small group of girls and this sweet class)

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Boys

Mr. Don Bell (Mr. Bell is a deacon in our church and carries a wealth of knowledge about Christ and His Holy Word.  Your young boy will enjoy his stories about life as he applies it to scripture and he will capture their adventurous spirits with his experience as a dairy farmer, Clydesdale Horse farmer, and life as a Immigration officer.  Don has raised 4 children who are all serving Christ in their daily lives and he would love to help channel your child’s abilities into daily service for Christ.)

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Boys

Mr. Matt Hudecek (Matt  has been our 6-8th boys teacher for several years now and he has become quite good at educating this tricky age group.   He teaches them Bible stories and scripture memorization and helps the boys apply the messages to their lives.  He maintains an atmosphere of control and godliness and strives to teach these boys many Bible truths.  Your junior higher will enjoy this class and Mr. Hudecek,  while learning a lot about the Lord).

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Girls

Mrs. Kammi Rader (We are so excited to have Kammi Rader as a new addition to our Sunday School Department.  When meeting with Kammi, she shared her heart for teenage girls and is passionate about their instruction in God’s Word.  She is very faithful and knows her Bible and will teach strong, solid Bible stories and lessons to this sweet group of young ladies.  Your Junior High student will love Mrs. Kammi Rader and enjoy her class.)

High School Girls

Mrs. Daraka Hudecek (Daraka is new to our Sunday School Department and we are excited to have her.   The young ladies are enjoying her as much as she is enjoying this new opportunity.  She is teaching solid Bible truths and showing them how to apply these truths to their daily walk with God.  We are thrilled that Daraka has agreed to join our staff and are sure that your teenage girl will enjoy her as well.)

High School Boys

Mr. Greg Reinfelder (Greg is a very devoted teacher and always has a wonderful Bible lesson planned for this group of high school boys. The guys seem to really enjoy their class and have learned a lot of scripture and Bible history. Greg and his wife have begun an evangelistic ministry of song and preaching which he has practiced through his Sunday School teaching to these young men. We are thankful for his faithfulness and are sure that your high school age boy will enjoy this large, energetic and excited group of gentlemen!)

College and Career Class

Mr. Dave Cowan (This class was recently started because of our growing group of graduated young people. Dave teaches the fundamentals of the Bible. If you are looking for an active college and career age class, this is for you. They dig deep into God’s Word and are faithful servants of our church. You will enjoy this great group of young people!) This class meets in the upper level of the mission building.

Reformers Unanimous Sunday School Class

Mr. David Jentoft (This class is growing rapidly.  It was created to serve those who have been faithfully attending the Reformers Unanimous classes on Friday evenings. You will find your group familiar and comforting, as the same people who attend are the ones you know from R.U. This class will give you more Biblical knowledge and help you stay close to God throughout the week. You receive points for R.U. by attending this class. Come and see what this class has to offer you!) This class meets at the school building across the church parking lot.

“Basic Foundations” Adult Sunday School Class

Jim and  Nancy Eckola (Jim and Nancy were our Junior High teachers for quite some time and recently began this exciting class to teach new Christians and those who have just started attending our church.  This class is a great way to meet  people, enjoy a small class environment, ask questions and hear the word of God discussed in easy to understand terms.  The text used for this class is “Basic Bible Truths” and of course, the King James Bible.  Those who join this class will meet for about 8 weeks and then join the general Adult Sunday School Class upstairs.   The class will cycle through its content over and over so you are welcome to join in at any time.  This class meets in Pastor Rader’s office.

Adult Sunday School Class (General Audience)

Dr. Tim Rader (Pastor Rader has been our pastor for over 30 years. He is very knowledgeable about God’s Word and would love to share the Bible with you in this interactive Sunday School setting. Chapters from the Bible are broken down and discussed by Pastor Rader and members of this class. We would love to have you join us and learn more about the Word of God. This class meets in the auditorium.)