Meet our Staff

Dr. Tim and Debra Rader


Pastor Timothy Rader has been our faithful pastor for over forty years now. He earned his undergraduate degree at Northland Baptist Bible College, his MA and his THD at Andersonville Baptist Seminary. He is married to Debra. Their 5 children are adults and are involved in many different ministries for the Lord. Pastor Rader ministers to Fundamental in many areas including Superintendent of Maplewood Baptist Academy, serving on the board of Baptist Pioneer Missions and Michigan Association of Christian Schools.

Pastor Rader

Bill and Evelyn Lockhart


Pastor Bill Lockhart has been the assistant pastor at Fundamental since 1993. Bill is a graduate of Lake Superior State University. He spent an additional 2 years at Northland Baptist Bible College studying Bible. He is married to Evelyn and they have 3 adult children, James (Kaycee), Abigail, and Sarah. Pastor Bill runs our Kid’s Program and our Bus Ministry. He is also a teacher here at Maplewood Baptist Academy.

Pastor Bill Lockhart

Josh, Leah, Hadyn, Trygvee, and Bo Rader


Pastor Josh Rader has been serving at Fundamental since college graduation. Josh is a graduate of Maranatha Baptist University. He is presently Head Varsity Football coach at our Maplewood/Pickford football co-op. He runs our youth department and is also Head Master of our school, Maplewood Baptist Academy. In his “spare time”, he coaches basketball. Josh is married to Leah and they have three boys: Haydn, Trygvee, and Bo.

Pastor Josh Rader –


CHOIR DIRECTOR-Greg Reinfelder

Greg Reinfelder is our faithful choir director, leading our weekly choir and also our Christmas cantata. He manages a local home improvement center. Greg and his wife Joan have four grown children and an Evangelistic Music Ministry.