FBC Supported Missionaries


Dave and June Kimmel (BPM Representatives) http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/dave-and-june-kimmel/


Richard and Sheila Ackerman http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/rick-and-sheila-ackerman/

William Banagas  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/william-banagas/

Casa Mia Orphanage

Joel and Brooklyn Hutchinson Castellon  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/joel-and-brooklyn-castellon/

Tayler and Caitlin Fultz  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/tayler-and-caitlin-fultz/

Luke and Jessica Marie http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/luke-and-jessica-marie/

Mike and Sarah Miller  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/mike-and-sarah-miller/

Tyler and Sandi Miller  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/tyler-and-sandy-miller/

Joshua and Jennifer Morris  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/joshua-and-jennifer-morris/

Ellis and Jillian Narcisse  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/ellis-and-jillian-narcisse/

Carolyn Price http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/carolyn-price/

Lance and Karen Rader (BPM Director)  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/bud-and-karen-rader/

Nate and Emy Rader  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/nate-and-emy-rader/

Santos and Elizabeth Saveedra  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/santos-and-elizabeth-saavedra/

Doug and Rosa Scott  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/doug-and-rosa-scott/

Bob and Terri Sturgeon  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/bob-and-terri-sturgeon/


Jeff and Althea Nordquist  http://fundamentalbaptistchurch.net/jeff-and-althea-nordquist/


Les and Rebecca Chymist

Jeremy and Jennifer Witte


Connie Anderson


Steve and Brandie McKinley

Daniel and Sharon Pero


Chris Morales


Dan and Sharon Roberts

Nick and Lorena Zarrella

Dean and Sue Zemke

Latin America

Andy and Jo Ellen Counterman


Jonathan and Rebecca Allinson

Robert and Jean Hawke


Luke and Celina Nalty

New Zealand

Craig and Leanna Comstock

Papua New Guinea

Reese and Stacy Parfitt


Carl and Michelle Gormley

South Sudan

James and Abby Baxter

Sri Lanka

Daniel and Hannah Bach


Richard and Oksana Maher

United Kingdom

Dillon and Sarah Renner

United States

Jonathan and Emily Bach (Remote Regions)

Don and Kim Case (Music Ministry)

Dick Chromy (Wisconsin)

Brad Dalton (Transformed Through God’s Word Ministries)

Devon and Jenny Dosson (Montana)

Richard Flanders (Evangelism)

Great Lakes Justice Center

Dave and Loretta Holden (Paradise, MI)

Bob and Madeline Howard (Prison Ministry)

Jon and Linda Jameson (WI)

Josh Levesque (Dearborn, MI)

Brian and Naomi Mason (Ontonagon, MI)

Kim and Kristi Meyering (BPM)

Ray and Joan Mills (Prison Ministry)

Rick Mitchell (Bus/Camp Ministry)

Mike and Kay Redman

Gary and Nancy Saunders

Don and Laura Stertz (Bible Distribution)

Jeff and Becky Thibaudeaus (Spanish Ministry)

Randy and Linda Vance (Prison Ministry)

Baptist Pioneer Mission Agency

Canaanland Bible Camps

Good News From the Good Book (WSOO Radio AM 1230) & (WJMT Eagle 96.7 FM)

Maplewood Baptist Academy

West Africa

Emmanuel and Bella Goungampo